Uber and Lyft Have to Start Classifying Their California Drivers as Employees, a Judge Says

In an injunction issued on Monday, California Superior Court Judge Ethan P. Schulman has found.

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But to give it a fresh upgrade, Rockstar could make it Uber- or Lyft-themed, since.

Uber, Lyft Ordered By Superior Court To Reclassify All Drivers As Employees

“The vast majority of drivers want to work independently, and we've already made significant changes.

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The incidents in this story all sprang from the Lyft app.) In 2017, Uber came.

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GET TO KNOW THE APP. Take a minute to familiarize yourself with the safety features.

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Using the ServiceNow Workplace Safety Management app, offered in the ServiceNow Safe Workplace suite, the.

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Kiran Seri starts as a driver with new ride share company in Toowoomba, DiDi. Technology..

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Hailing a Cab and Using Rideshare Apps. You don't … If you don't want to.

Didi set to launch as Canberra's fourth rideshare platform

Didi spokesman Dan Jordan said despite the economic downturn driven by COVID-19, it was the.