Uber's Newest Feature Will Let You Request Your Favorite Driver

Uber requires both riders and drivers to wear masks and, in some cases, prove it.

The Impact of the Coronavirus On Transportation: Uber Case Study

Uber introduced a number of features such as mask verification, which is part of an.

How one woman's traffic jam turned into a business idea

Wilkins notes that strict security precautions, similar to professional ride-sharing apps, are taken to verify.

Passage of California's Prop 22 Provides Relief for Ridesharing Companies; Could Ripple to Other …

Prop 22 allows ridesharing apps to treat drivers as independent contractors for … The ballot.

Grassroots activists propel progressive wins in LA as California reform efforts fail

… on commercial landlords, and they nixxed a proposal that would have given greater protections.

Apps win, labour frets after Uber-led 'gig worker' measure passes

Rideshare and delivery apps matching tasks with those willing to perform them as independent contractors.

Apps win, labor frets after Uber-led 'gig worker' measure passes

Proposition 22 — backed by Uber, Lyft and other app-based, on-demand delivery services like DoorDash.

California Suddenly Rational: Uber and Lyft Win Proposition 22

California voters weighed in on Proposition 22, a ballot measure that would exempt drivers for.

Uber Eats' Business Up 190%, Company Has Still Lost Nearly $6 Billion This Year

22 will ensure that ride-hailing app Uber will continue to pay its drivers the most.

A Blow for Labor Rights in California

Prop 22 asked voters to exempt rideshare and delivery drivers from a … a coalition.