The gig economy's future in New York

Many of the rideshare and delivery apps these workers use, some of whom the nonprofit.

Opinion: Voters have rejected California's gig economy regulations

Voters in California overwhelmingly approved a ballot measure that exempts drivers for ridesharing services, like.

California voters approved Proposition 22, keeping ride-share and food delivery drivers as …

Drivers who work full-time on one app or multiple apps — and rely on ridesharing.

Rideshare Giants Uber and Lyft Secure Win in California's Controversial Proposition 22 Fight

Assembly Bill 5 kept protections for gig-economy workers, especially drivers and shoppers for apps like.

Nosh Boulder Food Delivery Service Hiring 100 Drivers

… Loveland and Greeley — similar to how rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft operate..

Ride-sharing market is projected to reach USD 377 billion at a CAGR of 19.88%

… ride-sharing business model, smart electronic devices are considered as the most significant platforms on.

Understanding Uber's Rise In The Transportation Industry (With Video)

"The ride-sharing business has been decimated," says Mike Isaac, New York … Fuller noted the.

Uber, Lyft Celebrate Win After Labor Legislation Passes In California

Its passage relieves delivery service apps of adhering to California labor laws by allowing drivers.

Race to the Bottom Continues for Workers as Uber, Lyft Win Prop 22 Passage After Historic Money …

Shares of Uber and Lyft soared Wednesday after California voters approved Proposition 22, which exempts.

Uber victory saves its model not its valuation

3 approved California Proposition 22, which defines drivers for rideshare and delivery apps as independent.