Man arrested over Baidu boss drenching

Media captionWATCH: Man pours water on Baidu chief

Chinese police have arrested a man in connection with an incident that left the boss of tech giant Baidu drenched with water.

Chief executive Robin Li was giving a speech when a man climbed on stage, grabbed him and upended a bottle of water over him.

The incident happened at the Baidu Create 2019 conference in Beijing.

The annual conference showcases the technology firm’s work on artificial intelligence and other innovations.

Faced criticism

Beijing police said a man had been placed in administrative detention on suspicion of “picking quarrels and provoking trouble”. The detention can last for up to five days.

After wiping away the water, Mr Li continued with his talk.

Baidu is China’s top search provider and has regularly faced criticism from the public over the quality of the search results it provides.

In a similar incident in early July, an animal rights activist got within 3ft (1m) of Amazon boss Jeff Bezos during a presentation he was making at a conference in Las Vegas.

Priya Sawhney, of the Direct Action Everywhere group, was protesting about the treatment of animals at a farm that suppliers Amazon and others with meat.

Man arrested over Baidu boss drenching