On-duty Uber driver charged with drug-impaired driving in Oshawa

An on-duty Uber driver has been charged with drug-impaired driving after a police officer allegedly.

Lyft Increases EV Advocacy & More Efficient Driving

Last year, Lyft improved its standing with riders and followers who have serious concerns about.

Emiratis start driving personal cars as Uber cabs in UAE

Uber announced on February 3, that the first group of Emirati nationals have started driving.

Hertz Is Driving Down A Hill And The Brake Lines Are Cut

The competition from ride sharing apps represents a significant headwind for Hertz to overcome. For.

Former 'American Idol' co-host Brian Dunkleman defends driving Uber to 'be there for my son'

Amid a divorce and custody battle, former "American Idol" co-host Brian Dunkleman defended now being.

Options abound to prevent drinking, driving on New Year's holiday

With ride-sharing apps, free taxi rides, a free tow home and free public transportation in.

Helena taverns offer free Uber rides to prevent drunken driving

“The Home Free Program” is a partnership between the beverage association and Uber that was.

The Dark Realities Women Face Driving for Uber and Lyft

Late one night in June, Jody Pagliocco was driving down a long, wooded road in.

Uber, Lyft affect on impaired driving in Charleston hard to quantify

The City of Charleston Police Department even name-dropped ride-sharing services at a press conference Nov..

Uber, Lyft effect on impaired driving in Charleston hard to quantify

"Get a designated driver if you are drinking alcohol – we have Uber, Lyft and.