Cost of ridesharing apps skyrockets in Austin

Uber did not respond to our request for a comment. A Lyft spokesperson said they.

Gov. signs historic transportation bill; unclear how funds could affect Montrose

According to the bill, approximately $3.8 billion will be raised from an increase in gas.

Woman escapes attack by rideshare impostor

Track the vehicle's location on the app … Since she had been waiting for a.

Michigan drivers say Uber, Lyft incentives aren't enough to address rideshare shortage

Tipping isn't required on either app and most riders don't bother, Doornbos said. He estimates.

'It's like an Uber for lawn care' — lawn mowing app launched in Worcester

Joseph Painchaud mows lawns through an app. An Uber-like app called GreenPal was. WORCESTER —.

Yaneek Page | Uber's disruptive market entry

Yaneek Page | Uber's disruptive market entry … The transport or rideshare feature of the.

4 Tips For Safe car sharing los angelesPost

Many of today's rideshare services offer a service that allows you to share your trip.

What is Instacart and why do some say it's better than Uber?

And then people with the “shoppers” app see their orders, shop for the … As.

Have you had trouble getting an Uber? Let us know.

… hour the repeated refreshing of your apps, there isn't a Lyft or Uber around.

Slog AM: The Real Reason Why Prices for Uber and Lyft Are Now Sky-high in Seattle, Get Ready …

Using high tech rideshare apps may be somewhat more efficient in connecting riders to drivers,.