ALF Stock Price Falls Over 15% Pre-Market: Why It Happened

… for delivering the first of 10,000 digital tablets to Uber and Lyft. The tablets.

TLC Crushes Upstart Revel's Hopes Of Electric Car Fleet to Compete with Uber in NYC

The cap on new ride for hire licenses was introduced with Mayor de Blasio in.

Why this Tesla taxi fleet won't be allowed to operate in NYC

… licenses for electric vehicles, snubbing a ride-share company that wanted to … The TLC.

NYC bans new electric taxi licenses

… new for-hire licenses for electric vehicles, snubbing a ride-share company that wanted to launch.

Ford exec discusses the future of self-driving cars and autonomous ridesharing services

This means when in autonomous mode, the car has the full responsibility … car that.

Insights into Ride Sharing Market and it's growth outlook

Reports estimate that global ride sharing market size will record commendable gains over the next.

Why driverless tech works for mining and construction but robotaxis aren't ready, according to …

Most taxi, limo or rideshare businesses can't afford fleets of sophisticated automated vehicles at today's.

Hawaii Travel Update: A New, Locally-Owned Rideshare App Hopes To Compete With Uber And Lyft

Visitors to Hawaii who find themselves out of luck or priced out on a car.

Autonomous vehicles are a ways off and that's good news, DataTrek says: At the Open

But the ride-sharing sector will see problems with valuations, they contend. Uber (NYSE:UBER), Lyft (NASDAQ:LYFT).

Tesla Model Y taxi service might be required to buy gas cars before it can deploy EV fleet

… cap on new rideshare and taxi vehicles included exemptions for electric vehicles, as well.